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toshiba notebook

toshiba notebook

Toshiba  launched the new Dynabook NX Series notebook. The laptop comes with a 12.1 inch back lit LCD screen with WXGA resolution (widescreen 1280X800).

12.1’’ LED back lighted LCD screen with WXGA resolution (1280×800)
Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 CPU (1.20GHz)
2GB of RAM (up to 3GB)
128GB of SSD or 160GB of SATA HDD
DVD Super Multi Drive
Wifi b/g/n
3 USB ports
e-Sata port
SD card slot.

There’s no official price, but expect to pay 1200€ for the HDD version, and 1930€ for the SSD version.

Reliance Communications launched an exclusive educational portal on Reliance mobile phones,It offer variety of useful information on exam results, college admissions, event calendar of exams, admission deadlines, mock tests and tips for performing well in exams. The portal will also have the list of top universities, colleges, secondary education boards as well as career options.

Samsung today unveiled Haptic 2, its newest touchscreen phone and the supersized brother of Samsung Omnia. The Haptic 2 is an upgrade to the Anycall Haptic and comes with huge 3.2 inches full touchscreen.The camera features flash enabling picture shooting in the dark, handshake correction, close up shot, timer, and 12 scene modes.

The touch screen was improved to respond more softly. Drag and drop, picture dragging, and handwriting recognition are made more conveniently. A new feature, “Music Therapy”, provides meditation music and videos.

Haptic 2 sports a 3.2 inch display screen for video playing and Internet full browsing, terrestrial DMB receiver, Bluetooth 2.0, mobile banking and geomagnetic sensor.

It comes in two memory sizes- 4GB (W550/W5500) and 16GB (W55). The prices are over around 700,000 won (4GB) and 800,000 won (16GB).
Source – Samsung



Toshiba has launched a 1.8-inch hard disk drive that offers 250GB capacity and 5400rpm performance in response to “growing demand for high capacity mobile computing”.

The dual platter MK2529GSG 250 Gigabyte is the largest capacity 1.8-inch HDD available in the current market, and weighs in at 62 grammes.


Model Number: MKxx29GSG Series
Maximum Capacity (Formatted): 250GB/160GB/120GB
Number of platters: 2/2/1
Areal density: Up to 378.8Gb/in2
Media transfer rate: Up to 707.9 Mbps
Average seek time: 15 ms
Rotational speed: 5, 400 RPM
Buffer memory : 8MB

Sony has introduced five new sets of earphones which look very spacey comprising of regular in-ear offerings together with wireless Bluetooth options.

The MDR-EX33LP and MDR-EX35LP in-ear headphones are available in 5 and 3 “pearlescent and metallic colours”, respectively.

They sport a 9mm EX driver unit for ‘wide dynamic range and deep bass’ along with a Super Small-sized bud for very wee ears, a cord adjuster for fixing cable length and a cord slider that prevents cord tangling.

The new DR-BT160AS [above], DR-BT160IK and DR-BT14Q are Bluetooth stereo wireless active stereo headphones.


Lenovo upcoming ThinkPad X200t, the Tablet PC .Theirs also a choice between an Intel Core 2 Duo SU9300 (1.2GHz), SL9300 (1.6GHz), or SL9400 (1.86GHz).
The X200t features up to 4GB of Memory, 128GB of SSD, 320GB of HDD (5400rpm), or 200GB of HDD(7200rpm), as well as Wifi, WiMAX (optional), WWAN (with GPS), Blu-Ray disc drive, three USB ports, and either a 4 cell or 8 cell battery. It will weigh just 4.17lbs with an 8-cell battery good for up to 7hrs use, run Windows Vista Home Premium and have a/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth and gigabit ethernet.

Corega, CG-SP100 from Japan-based, presents its SD card MP3 player which supports up to 1GB SD card.this digital audio player measures 59×16x49mm and weighs 23g. For 31 EUR, you’d get a pretty much standard features though, including the USB connectivity, so you might want to check other portable player if you’re looking for more.

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