Samsung Introduced new Haptic phone

Samsung today unveiled Haptic 2, its newest touchscreen phone and the supersized brother of Samsung Omnia. The Haptic 2 is an upgrade to the Anycall Haptic and comes with huge 3.2 inches full touchscreen.The camera features flash enabling picture shooting in the dark, handshake correction, close up shot, timer, and 12 scene modes.

The touch screen was improved to respond more softly. Drag and drop, picture dragging, and handwriting recognition are made more conveniently. A new feature, “Music Therapy”, provides meditation music and videos.

Haptic 2 sports a 3.2 inch display screen for video playing and Internet full browsing, terrestrial DMB receiver, Bluetooth 2.0, mobile banking and geomagnetic sensor.

It comes in two memory sizes- 4GB (W550/W5500) and 16GB (W55). The prices are over around 700,000 won (4GB) and 800,000 won (16GB).
Source – Samsung

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