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lg_lcdLG Korea announce an LCD module that it says looks as good outdoors in sunlight ads it does indoors. The 14.1-inch display is intended for laptop computers and allows users to switch display modes to suit the location. The illumination from a backlight panel behind the screen, results in an image that looks good indoors but is not bright enough to be seen outdoors. Reflective panels use a mirror behind the screen to reflect ambient light for a brighter outdoor image but one that looks dark indoors.Halfway between these two technologies are transreflective panels that have both a mirror and backlight behind the panel and offer a compromise between the two types of display but don’t excel outdoors or inside. The new LG Display panel can be switched between backlight mode, when indoors, to reflective mode, when outdoors, at the touch of a button allowing the best of both technologies without any compromise, the company plans to unveil it at CES in January.

google_street-view1A select bunch of Japanese journalists, professors and lawyers recently demanded Google to shut down its Street View service in Japan, touting claims that it violates people’s privacy.

Street View provides close-up photographic views of areas on Google Earth satellite images, and some of those images picture people and their homes along with roads, other buildings and other landscape features.

Due to Japan’s strict privacy protections, citizens have the right to have any images that they feel invade their privacy removed, so we’re guessing that this petition might find favour with Japanese authorities.

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