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Indian government’s plans for the sale of a $10 notebook. The computer was jointly developed by the Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Technology, and is a part of a plan dubbed the National Mission on Education.

Before you have visions of the world’s largest democracy handing out notebooks priced cheaper than an iTunes album all willy-nilly, the notebook will be available exclusively for students. Current specifications call for Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet connections, expandable memory, and power consumption of just 2W.


toshiba-camcordersToshiba has released HD camcorder, the P30 and H20. These affordable HD video cameras come with YouTube uploading and ArcSoft editing tools. Other features include HDMI connectivity, Night Mode for low light shooting, an SD memory card slot, 5x optical and 4x digital zoom, a 3 inch TFT display or a 2.5 inch for the P30, video stabilization, special effect options, a remote control. The Toshiba Camileo P30 and H20 will be available in the UK next month for £149.99 and £179.99,

Google has collaborated with the Open Technology Institute and PlanetLab to develop a project, Measurement Lab (M-Lab), that intends to allow Internet users determine if their service provider is blocking or throttling access to online content. The search giant will establish 36 servers in 12 locations that researchers will be able to use for gathering data for analysis.


wacom-lpl900Wacom introduced its PL-900 a high-resolution 19”LCD tablet. The device has a 4:3 native aspect ratio that can be automatically switched to a 16:10 widescreen format via an auto-sensing video scaler. The display sports 1280×1024 resolution and has been improved compared to the company’s previous products with a wider viewing angle and an anti-glare coating.

The Wacom PL-900 is compatible with Windows or Mac OS, and is available now at £1,249.99 ($1,713) including VAT and comes with a two-year warranty.

htc-touch-cruiseHTC has announced a new version of the navigation oriented Touch Cruise smart device to be released worldwide beginning in the second quarter of the year.

The defining feature of the new Touch Cruise it its lets users tag photos with GPS location data and audio clips. The Touch Cruise comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, a microSD card slot, and—oddly, for a TouchFLO device—just QVGA (320-by-240-pixel) resolution instead of full VGA mode.

Pricing for the Touch Cruise will be $500-$600 but we’re going to update the price later on when a carrier will pick it up!

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lg-ks6601LG Mobile is out with a new phone for the European markets and the Middle Kingdom. the dual sim phone works on the GSM frequency has a large touchsreen, 8GB of internal memory, 5 Megapixel camera with video recording,TV-out, and a USB 2.0 port.

No info on pricing at this time.

wooden-macbook-caseThis plain looking wooden case has been designed for the MacBook and the 15 inch MacBook Pro. Designed for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro 15-inch, this case has a leather lining and magnetic closing device.These designs are custom crafted for 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks and MacBooks Pro. No word on pricing.

Datto Box2Box offers you the world’s first Peer-to-Peer offsite backup device system. This device lets you set up an off-site backup system quickly and easily.  Just attach one box to the computer at one location, add another box at a remote location and presto, you’ve got yourself a linked off-site backup solution with minimal hassle. You can buy the boxes singly or in ready matched pairs, and with different storage capacities up to 500GB. The data is all encrypted, and the thing comes with a five year warranty.

legocamera1Lego, the Danish toy maker, has revealed plans for an entirely new product range – digital cameras and music players.

Lego said it hoped to bring its toys to life in “an all-new way for its fans”. The range includes fully-functional digital cameras, MP3 music players, alarm clocks and walkie-talkies, which all feature Lego’s distinctive look.

Not that the kids will have a chance to pick one of these up once all the adults have “had a go first to test it”.


trispecsTriSpecs has released its Bluetooth sunglasses that is compatible with Bluetooth-equipped phones and PMPs. There are a pair of retractable stereo earbuds that hang at the tip of the temples when not in use which could be either cool or terribly annoying depending on how often you use them and how likely you are to shove your sunglasses on top of your head.The gadget supports two uni-directional mics, one touch dialing, and retractable stereo earbuds that hang at the tip of the temples when not in use. Available in black, white, and metallic, the TriSpecs’ Bluetooth sunglasses will be released later this month for sub-$200.

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