Phenom Wrist watch Phone

Phenom Watch PhonePhenom Watch PhonePhenom communications has announced the launch of its new watch phone called the Phenom SpecialOPS. It combines an unlocked GSM phone, an MP3 / MP4 player and a digital / video camera all in one device. Other interesting features include 2GB of memory, a 1.3-inch touchscreen display, microSD, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

Other features include Bluetooth, USB port, and a speakerphone. The watch has a SIM card slot and will work with almost any carrier in the world.Phenom Communications plans to introduce between 10 to 12 new models in different styles and colors. Most will provide a GSM cell phone, USB port, touch screen, MP3 (with an easy to upload and download interface), MP4, and digital camera.

Those who want to buy the Phenom Watch Phone can apparently find it at the Phenom official website. The device’s retail price starts “at just $195″.

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