Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman Phone

sony-ericsson-w395Sony Ericsson has confirmed the new affordable W395 Walkman phone that has a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, a couple of stereo speakers, dedicated control keys for music, and FM Radio. Each purchase will come with a 1GB memory card and HPM-64 Stereo headset. Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman Phone.

The Walkman music player application itself is fully featured, and includes stereo widening and a built-in equalizer function. Of course album art is also supported, as are A2DP Bluetooth stereo wireless headphones and speakers. Music can be stored on the included 1GB memory Stick Micro (M2) card or in the phone’s 10MB of internal storage.

Other features of note include a built-in HTML browser, a speakerphone, and a vibration alert for when the MP3 ringtones just aren’t enough. Sony Ericsson says that the W395 Walkman’s battery should be good for up to 8 hours of talk time, a whopping 20 days of standby time, or 12.5 hours of continuous music playback. The phone works on all four of the major GSM/EDGE network bands, weighs 96g (3.4oz), and should start showing up in select markets by the end of March. No word yet on pricing.



  • Powerful built-in stereo speakers with high quality bass
  • Stereo headset to turn your phone into a dedicated music player – be your own DJ
  • True music machine with Walkman™ music player, TrackID™ and PlayNow™
  • TrackID™ – find the tracks you love easily
  • PlayNow™ – download a full range of mobile entertainment
  • Crystal clear 2.0” display – view your photos in all their glory
  • Motion gaming support.

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