MSI X-Slim X340 thin and light laptop

msi_x_slim-x340The MSI X-Slim X340 thin-and-light 13.4-inch laptop with Intel’s new energy efficient platform is coming soon.The X340 steps in as a serious competitor to the ThinkPad X200 and has the same features as the X320 with the following changes/additions: Intel’s ULV SU3500 1.3GHz processor, GS45 chipset with GMA4500MHD graphics, up to 4GB DDR2-800 RAM, 320GB hard drive, and HDMI output.

Starting at 2.86 pounds, the MSI X340 is based on the Intel CULV (Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage) technology with the GS45 chipset and the GMA 4500MHD integrated graphics. It includes a Core 2 Solo CPU, up to 2GB of DDR2 memory, and up to 500GB of hard drive space. The laptop doesn’t feature a built-in optical drive.

The X-Slim X340 comes with an ECO Engine power management system that allows instant switching between five power profiles (office, gaming, movies, presentation, and turbo battery) depending on whether performance or battery life is paramount. This MSI laptop is equipped with a SIM card slot for 3G/HSDPA or WiMAX radios, though the availability of these options differ between regions.

The MSI X-Slim X340 is priced from $1,099.99; while it’s listed on the company’s site, there’s no sign of a specific shipping date.

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